Zinc Top Patina Finishes

Zinc, a live metal, that will develop a natural aged patina on it’s own over time. We accelerate this process by applying a forced patina wash to the zinc metal top. This allows you to enjoy the time honored look of aged zinc immediately. The patina pattern on the zinc top will continue to develop over time. But that’s the beauty of zinc! It is ever-changing and always looks better with time. We offer 2 gorgeous finishes that are bound to make your table the focal point of your space. Not sure which one to choose from?

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Classic Patina

Why We Love It?

• Airy, light and smooth texture
• Classic & transitional
• Light and warm hues of gray
• You can’t go wrong! Our most popular finish!

Blackened Bronze Patina

Why We Love It?

• Aged, yet smooth texture
• Browns, hints of dark grey and black create a weathered metal finish
• Great for rustic & industrial farmhouse inspired spaces
• If the gray tones and hues do not work well for your space, this is the great alternative